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On 11, May 2015 | In | By


Gender Female
Hometown Hamilton, Bermuda
Occupation Tour Guide
Temperament Optimistic
Health Conditions Missing left flipper
Interests Story-telling, snow skiing
Specialties Circular movement

I lost my left flipper in a snow skiing accident a few years ago, but I’ve made a complete recovery. So far, I opted not to get a prosthetic, although the folks at The SARF have offered to create one for me free of charge. I’m still contemplating what sort of attachment I would like, and I admit I’ve been a little indecisive. Plus, I’ve actually been using my injury to my advantage. See, due to my lack of left flipper, I’m a bit directionally challenged. I can’t really move to my right very easily. Or in a straight line. However, it is effortless for me to move in counter-clockwise circles. I’m much more efficient than other SAs who have both of their flippers and have a choice of directional movement. Because of this, I’ve been employed as tour guide leading schools of SA fish around Austin’s watering holes. I stick to my path, and my mind is free to explain and describe things without ever having to think about where I’m going. I’ve got a 5-star rating!

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Adoption Completed November 2015!

Status: Adopted!