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Mack & Towel

On 20, Jun 2010 | In | By

Mack & Towel

Gender Male
Hometown Hobart, IN
Temperament Eccentric
Health Conditions Son
Special Needs Please contact The Intern directly to receive list
Specialties Stuffed Performing Arts

When I was a baby elephant, my father made me perform in the Stuffed Animal Circus… Each night, I would be placed on the stage while adoring fans watched me sit there doing what stuffed elephants do best… Stare at stuffed peanuts… Get picked up and moved around… People say I was the best at what I did. But now, I have my own little boy elephant, and I have chosen to hide his identity until he is old enough to make his own choices. I know some people think this is ‘inhumane’, but I assure you: His baby elephant-hood is one of the happiest there’s ever been. We hope to be adopted by a family who respects our wishes for privacy… and who likes to snuggle.

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Adoption Completed June 2010!

Status: Adopted!