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On 23, Jul 2019 | In | By


Gender Female
Hometown Augusta, Maine
Occupation Accountant

My cousin Roxy is my very best friend. But she is alwaysreally far to the right, and I am always really, really far to the left. It makes it hard to communicate sometimes.

It's the worst at holiday dinners when everyone is gathered around the table talking. We have a large, diverse family- so that table is really big! Roxy is always sooo far away that I can't hear anything she says!

And when we go to the movies, we can never share popcorn- because she sits way over on the right side, and I sit way over on the left!

So once a month we make sure to hang out together in a very small room. That way, we can both sit where we want but still be sitting right next to each other!

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Adoption Completed November 2019!

Status: Adopted!