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On 22, Jul 2019 | In | By


Gender Female
Hometown San Diego
Occupation Surgeon
Interests Medical innovation, patent applications

When I first decided I wanted to be a surgeon, a lot of folks told me it would be impossible. They said I couldn’t do it because I’m stuffed and because I’m inanimate. All of my advisors kept pushing me toward general family practice. “How can you perform surgery with those tiny immovable flippers?” they would ask. But I didn’t listen. I knew what I was meant to be. And now here I am, the most respected stuffed otter surgeon in the world. Advances in robotic automation have made it possible for me to perform the most intricate procedures with the most subtle of movements, and I am not only a practicing surgeon, but I am also a cutting-edge innovator and thought-leader in my field.

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Adoption Completed August 2019!

Status: Adopted!