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On 20, Jan 2011 | In | By


Gender Male
Hometown Melbourne, FL
Temperament Anxious, sometimes poisonous
Special Needs iPhone or iPad w/ App
Specialties Statistics

CAUTION!!! Use gloves when handling Sirius!!*

Hello there. I’m a puffer fish. I don’t mean to be poisonous to the touch, but I’m just really emotional. See, I love the Florida Marlins. Ever since the expansion, I’ve been, well, a little obsessed. And for some reason, I emit toxins when they lose. I mean, it’s not deadly or anything, but some people do get pretty bad rashes. Anyway, I hope they win tonight, because I’d like to snuggle without using a protective barrier. I promise I’m a really good cuddler, and I’m working on my problem.

*His fur may be toxic, depending on the results of the most recent Florida Marlins game. Though he is not poisonous until after the score is final, he is prone to emotional fluctuations throughout the game, and those can trigger small yet unpredictable toxic areas on the surface of his fur. Please use caution until you are certain of the Marlins’ victory. He is never toxic during the off-season.

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Status: Adopted!