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On 11, May 2015 | In | By


Gender Female
Hometown Des Moines
Occupation Floor Refinishing Assistant
Temperament Happy
Health Conditions Obscured vision
Special Needs Work crew
Interests Pretending to fetch
Specialties Buffing and polishing

Hi there! I’m Suzanne. I am a floor-refinishers’ assistant specializing in high-gloss finishing. My employers love me because I’m super efficient and I don’t require much in the way of equipment! I love my job because I basically get to roll around all day. Sometimes I even get to pretend to play fetch. I have to admit I’m not that good at catching or chasing balls, though, given that I’m stuffed and can’t move on my own. But still, I can’t complain.



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Adoption Completed January 2016!

Status: Adopted!