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On 05, May 2014 | In | By


Gender Male
Occupation Beat Boxer

As you probably already know, Tu.Peat rose to fame after being featured on the SA talent search show, So You Wish You Could Dance, where he was runner up, losing to an SA who actually did dance (see forthcoming article SYWYCD SA Performance Enhancing Controversy).

Tu.Peat's latest album has been number two on the Stuffed Hiphop Charts for the last two weeks, and he holds the record for the second-most number two hits on the SA charts.

Known for his ironic "Press Me" tattoo, which he sees as a form of protest against the installation of electronic voice boxes in stuffed animals, Tu.Peat is both an artist and an activist.

He is the founder of the anti-talking plush toys movement, which protests the manufacturing of SAs with push-activiated sound boxes that force them to repeat phrases which may or may not relate to their true individual personalities. He feels that SAs should explore their creative impulses to the fullest without the intervention of pre-programmed sounds.

In addition to his many talents and achievements, Tu.Peat is now the proud owner and creator of his own SA hi-definition headphone line: Peats.peatsFront peatsBack

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Adoption Completed April 2014 (Ann Richards School Petting Zoo)!

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