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Yellow Francis

Yellow Francis

Gender Male
Hometown Hattiesburg
Temperament Charismatic
Health Conditions Clean
Special Needs Transportation on Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night

The kind folks at The S.A.R.F. have decided to include me in their list of available SA’s despite the fact that I am not worthy. And I, the owner of a noble yet stuffed and lonely heart, cannot let them down. For they, like myself, are pilgrims. And pilgrims know- they surely know- that they have a home, my brothers and sisters. Search though we may, we fail to see that our homes are right in front of us. Right around us. Inside our very hearts and in the hearts and homes of our neighbors. I ask you now, as you sit or stand, as you’re hungry or recently fed, as you are a duck or an elephant or a creature of the sea, as you are living or stuffed… I ask you now: do you have it inside of your beating or stuffed chest to reach your hand out and to take my wing under your own symbolic wing? To give me shelter from the rain that could cause me to become moldy? To give me a fountain from which you may pretend I am drinking? To give me food that I do not have to eat? To give me clothing that stuffed ducks do not need but nonetheless would be quite cute? To take me on walks during which you must carry me because I cannot move on my own? Do you have it in your heart to be a true neighbor to a stuffed duck in need? Because if you do, my friends, you will be rewarded one-fold. With me. Yellow Francis.

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Status: Adopted!


  1. Karen

    you are worthy, Yellow Francis!

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