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On 30, Apr 2013 | In News, SA Updates | By adopter

This is Natalie, the adopter of Lorca!
I received Lorca a few days ago in the mail after months of anticipation.
I first met her at the Petting Zoo in Austin on 34th Street in December. I was visiting a friend and I fell so in love with Lorca.
She is adjusted so well into her new home in Vancouver BC!
I arranged all my stuffed animals in a semi circle on the bed while we unwrapped Lorca from the packaging. It was quite the celebration. She nuzzled each of them and has become Best Friends with my SA named Spud. He is a big potato and pretends that he is a whale sometimes.

You have no idea how much I love her and what this means to me that an organization like this exists. I feel like I’ve become a part of a family of people who understand exactly what its like to have SA’s as Best Friends.

Its a really good feeling. Attached is my signed contract and a photo of Lorca and I. The image on the left is her when I saw her in Austin. Such a cutie she is!

Thank you!!