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  • Help keep Stuffed Animal Adoptions Free!

    Your donation will help pay for shipping, repairs, and operation costs. Donate here:

  • Want to Help?

    We’re looking for volunteers to help with day-to-day and longterm SARF operations… college students (Internships available!), stay-at-home moms and dads, freelancers, retired folks, concerned teens, bored working adults, and SA-lovers of any age…

    No Stuffed Animal experience necessary. We will teach you the ins and outs of SA care and interaction!

    Please email us at

  • Advertise on The SARF!

    Advertise on, and you’ll be helping to support free stuffed animal adoptions!

    You’ll be reaching a pretty cool audience, too.

    Email for rates.


    Interested in holding a Stuffed Animal Petting Zoo at your party or event? Contact us at to discuss.

  • An Important Announcement!!

    Dear Friends!

    Due to overwhelming response, The SARF Spa is not accepting new patients at this time. We are temporarily disabling our repair estimate form while we catch up on our already-scheduled repairs. Our turnaround time is currently well over a month, which we feel is a bit long to keep SAs from their homes. In an effort to prevent overcrowding and to keep SAs and their living companions happy and comfortable, we are seeking out some qualified help with our services… but accredited SA medical programs are few and far between, and we only work with the best! Please be patient with us as we address already-submitted estimate requests and as we continue to offer specialized care to our current patients.

    However, if you have a Stuffed Animal EMERGENCY, please email us at with URGENT CARE in the subject line, and we will do our best to help you!

Who is The Wizard Behind the Curtain?

Wendy Mitchell:20140630-215520-78920640.jpg

As a toddler, Wendy cried every time she heard You Are My Sunshine, and she was very particular about nighttime stuffed animal placement. Many years later, she studied Art and Art History at The University of Georgia, wrote a lot of songs, and eventually moved to Austin, TX. There, she quickly realized that Ctrl+Z was much more efficient than a Kneadable Eraser. Since then, she has worked as a graphic and web designer/developer, animator, writer, song-crafter, production designer, and general creative problem-solver.

She has written a column for (Hello, My Name Is), played in a band, The Casting Couch, and embarked on some theatrical experiments with Tongue & Groove Theatre. She currently runs The Stuffed Animal Rescue Foundation, occasionally shoots cans off of her porch from her bedroom with a Red Ryder BB gun, and plays a lot of volleyball. She has excellent hand-eye coordination and is intermittently working on a play or novel based on a fictional reality TV show involving advertising, marketing professionals, sadness, the internet, and outer space.

Email Wendy: