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Q: Where do you meet the animals you rescue?
A: Stuffed animals in need of rescue are everywhere. We find them in thrift stores, bars, libraries, at garage sales and sometimes even wandering the streets.

Q: I have a Stuffed Animal I no longer want. Can I bring him/her to S.A.R.F.?
A: We accept donations by appointment. More info here

Q: Do you repair stuffed animals?
A: Yes! More info here

Q: How long does the adoption process take?
A: The process continues until we find a suitable match for the RSA. This can take days, weeks or even months depending on the applicant pool and the needs of the animal. All applications are carefully screened by our staff.

Q: I am a stable, compassionate person who is ready to make the lifelong commitment of adopting an RSA. What do I do now?
A: Visit one of our Petting Zoos or investigate available RSAs online. If you feel a connection with an available animal, fill out an application form online here.

Q: Can I meet the animals that are up for adoption?
A: Yes. Visit one of The SARF’s Petting Zoo events and submit an adoption request form online. The decision to adopt should not be taken lightly, and we encourage potential owners to interact with the animals prior to applying.

Q: My application was declined. Can I apply again?
A: Yes. Applications are declined for a variety of reasons, and if you still feel strongly about the RSA, we encourage you to rethink, rewrite and resubmit.

Q: Can I purchase an animal with cash?
A: No. Placement decisions are based solely on applicant/RSA compatibility, as communicated in the application. This assures us that animals are placed in loving homes regardless of the owner’s economic status or manipulative capabilities. All adoptions are FREE OF CHARGE.

Q: Is there a minimum age requirement for adopting?
A: No, though adopting is a lifelong responsibility

Q: Can I return my animal if we do not get along?
Due to the extensive screening process, it is quite rare that a Lifetime Owner and an RSA do not get along. However, if personality conflicts do arise, please contact us at We will decide on a course of action on a case-by-case basis.

Q: How much do they eat?
A: Not anything. Unlike live pets or companions, stuffed animals do not require food or water. However, each animal does have individual requirements regarding snuggling, sleeping arrangements and transportation. These are obviously determined on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Do they bite (particularly the tarantula)?
A: No. Richard is actually quite tame, if not a bit socially awkward. He spends most of his time developing applications for the new iPhone, so he is a perfect match for an older adoptor or for a human computer programmer.

Q: Do they need shots?
A: No. All RSAs receive needed innoculations and medical attention prior to beginning the adoption process.

Q: Who’s running this thing?
A: Wendy Mitchell, aka Me. In my non-S.A.R.F. time, I’m a freelance writer/designer/polymath. If you’re interested in having me write/design/create/explore something awesome for you, email me here: