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We do accept donations of previously-loved stuffies– by appointment! See info below!

(Interested in making a monetary donation to help support free adoptions and to help us pay the rent? You can Venmo us @thesarf!)

Get Started

Step One: Make an Appointment

If you have previously-loved stuffed animals who need new homes, we can help.
Please book an appointment to drop them off at The SARF Headquarters.
Appointments are available on Mondays 6-8pm.
Due to overcrowding at The SARF Headquarters, we ask that you please limit donations to 5 stuffies per family. If you can’t decide which 5 to donate, bring them all and we will help you choose the 5 most suitable candidates for adoption!

Come by at your appointment time and drop off your donations. It’ll just take a minute or two. If you need help deciding which to donate, we will help you choose the five SAs that are most adoptable!

Bring up to five stuffies

Step Two: Be Relieved of Your Guilt

We will do our best to find suitable new homes for your old stuffed companions!

Ready to get started?

Yes, please 🙂

We are a one-woman operation, and we need to plan for donations! Thank you for your understanding!

We used to accept unlimited numbers of stuffed animal donations, but we quickly realized we just don’t have enough space to take in ALL the SAs who need new homes

By limiting donations to five, we can spread the love – and can help more people’s personal stuffy overpopulation problems while still keeping a handle on our own!

If you’re having trouble picking just five of your stuffies to donate, we can help!

Bring them all to your appointment, and we can decide which five are the most suitable for adoption.

2825 Hancock Dr. #111
Austin, TX

We do accept donations from locations other than Austin.

If you’d like to send us stuffies for which you can no longer care, you can mail them to us at:

The Stuffed Animal Rescue Foundation
2825 Hancock Dr. #111
Austin, TX 78731

Sorry, we don’t have the budget to cover shipping costs.

Please limit your donations to 5 per family! Thanks!

Yes, absolutely! Thank you!

You can Venmo us @thesarf

Or donate via paypal