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Straight from the stuffed horse’s mouth... Here’s what’s afoot at The SARF Headquarters and beyond!

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Tonight! The SARF Live (but Stuffed)! On Facebook Live!

30th April 2020 By The S.A.R.F.

Join us here:
Thursday April 30, 2020 at 7:30pm

The SARF Live (but Stuffed)! On Facebook Live!

Is your SA experiencing quarantine-related depression? Has your stuffed bear lost an eye? Is your favorite living animal fighting with your favorite stuffed animal? Is your stuffed hippo bored with her job? Do stuffed independent contractors qualify for unemployment?

Wendy Mitchell, stuffed animal surgeon/therapist/career counselor/etc, will be on Facebook Live answering your stuffed animal-related questions!

Please leave your questions on our Facebook page:

Conjoined Stuffed Koalas Born Separated: Pre-Op

30th April 2020 By The S.A.R.F.

These stuffed koalas are conjoined twins that were born separated. They are ready to undergo a groundbreaking surgery that will join them together as they were meant to be. Wendy Mitchell, M.D.S.A. discusses their journey and the details of the upcoming surgery.

(Please note: This was filmed prior to the current COVID-19 crisis. We hope that any references to sickness and surgeries are taken in jest, and we hope that our little videos here can serve to amuse you a bit during your time of isolation. Please be sure to practice social distancing and stay home and just watch videos until we are through with this crummy virus!)

Processing Applications!

9th January 2020 By The S.A.R.F.

We are currently hard at work reviewing all of the applications from this year’s 37TH Street Stuffed Animal Petting Zoo! We received 372 paper applications and 50 online applications, so it might take a few weeks to make decisions! We will keep you posted!