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On 12, Dec 2019 | In | By The S.A.R.F.

Gender Female
Hometown Stromboli Island
Occupation Environmental Health Researcher
Interests Lava avoidance, pasta, juggling

I had a tumultuous hatchlinghood. I’m sure you’ve all watched the popular documentary* about the octopuses who live under the active volcano on Stromboli Island in Italy? The one about the octopuses who’ve adapted to that specific unpredictable and deadly environment? That’s where I grew up. Octopuses who live there have to be very fast swimmers to escape the frequent volcanic eruptions, and because I am stuffed and can’t move on my own, I had to live on the beach rather than in the water with my live octopus friends. I was often lonely, but they visited me often. I do miss them, but I am excited to find a new home and a human companion.

*See 'Octopus Volcano', Amazon Prime Video

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Status: Adopted February 2020!