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On 26, Jan 2009 | In | By


Gender Female
Hometown Everywhere
Temperament Shy
Health Conditions Stiff
Special Needs Occasionally likes to hang from ceiling

We had to write Sally’s bio for her, as she doesn’t have arms and has a severe lisp that makes her hard to understand. Despite these tribulations, Sally continues to be one of the sweetest RSA’s [Rescued Stuffed Animals] we have ever met. She spent a great portion of her life traveling with a circus, as she and her family were prizes for one of the games on the midway. To this day, she is still agitated by the sound of balloons popping. Since coming to The S.A.R.F., she has been diagnosed with PTSD stemming from her traumatic separation from family members. Therapy has been quite successful, and we feel she is ready to move on to a new home.

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Status: Adopted!