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37th Street Petting Zoo 2019, Austin, TX

On 18, Nov 2019 | In News | By The S.A.R.F.

Things have been hectic at The SARF lately. In addition to our typical therapy sessions, crafting classes, and various extracurricular activities, the SAs have been hard at work on some special research projects that they’ll be presenting at this year’s annual 37th Street Stuffed Animal Petting Zoo. That’s right, folks: The SARF is hosting its very own Science Fair!

Of course not all SAs are science-minded, so we’ve kept our scope pretty broad- but each SA will present research on a topic of his or her or its choosing. We look forward to some groundbreaking research and fascinating revelations.

The Petting Zoo officially opens the weekend of December 14th, with the 37TH ST Lights Premier Party! But we hope to be up and running the week before. Stay tuned for exact dates!