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Nibbles ‘n Bits: Gorilla Marketing, Webbed Accessibility and the Immobile Experience – 2PM

On 16, Mar 2009 | In News | By The S.A.R.F.

Stop by and meet the panelists at the convention center. They’re around the corner from the Legos…

They’ll begin their Q&A Twitter panel at 2 p.m. Send us your questions! Follow @thesarf


Webbed Accessibility Expert
As a stuffed amphibian, Vincent knows the challenges of webbing firsthand. Typing is slow going, even on the most ergonomic keyboards. And forget texting. Plus, Vincent also suffers from a condition called Bug Eye, which affects pupil dilation. He will discuss the challenges webbed SA’s face in the digital age.

Lawrence has been working in marketing for ten years, and he’s seen a lot of changes in his time. He has overcome many stereotypes in his career, having started out as a district sales rep for the Chiquita company, and he is now the owner of his own online marketing consulting firm. He is the host of our panel today.

James Cayce (aka) Don
Soft-Spoken Bodyguard / SA Yoga Instructor
Don likes the Internet. He’s cool with it. He likes to plan his workouts online, and he’s interested in using the web to promote his life-coaching business. In his spare time, he perusing the advertising on MySpace and reading Steinbeck on his Kindle.

Janice (aka Janus)
Color Breathing Therapist
Janus, a licensed Color Breathing Therapist, is caught between two worlds- The Blessed and The Mystical. She is opposed to computer usage of any kind, as she feels it disturbs one’s electromagnetic balance. She recommends that frequent users seek immediate attention for their blocked charkas and that they discontinue their vibrational-disturbing activities at once.