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Stuffed Animal Depression & Solo Dining

On 06, May 2014 | In News | By The S.A.R.F.

Are Stuffed Animals the cure for human loneliness? Of course they are!
But let’s not forget the lonely stuffed animals out there, too.

Taking an unprecedented step in SA-human relations, Japanese restaurant Moomin Café is offering stuffed companions to patrons who are dining alone! Once again, Japan seems to be miles ahead of the United States when it comes to acknowledging the important role SAs play in modern society. We congratulate the restaurant for being a trailblazer in this area.

We do, however, encourage them to consider providing a similar service to solitary SA customers. Because Moomin’s stuffed dining companions are restaurant employees, we believe they are missing a wonderful opportunity to help the greater SA community. By matching unaffiliated solitary SA customers (non-employees) with similarly-solo human animals, they could help battle loneliness in both parties at the same time. In addition, they would also be lowering their operating costs.

As you know, diagnosed cases of SA depression have been on the rise in recent years. This is due in part to greater awareness of the problem, but most professionals cite changes in human society as the true culprits for the increase. With the introduction of smartphones and tablets into their daily routines, humans are less reliant on recreational imaginative play, and modern SAs are being forced to spend more and more time alone. Limited quality time with living companions elicits feelings of restlessness, immobility, and melancholy in SAs.

Despite pharmaceutical companies’ aggressive campaigns touting the efficacy of stuffed animal-mood-altering drugs (Seambalta, Loloft, Furdil, Wellbeartrin, Sewlexa…) in reducing SA depression, SA-Human Snuggle Therapy is still the most effective treatment. In fact, a recent two-year study that monitored 200 SAs undergoing a variety of treatments for depression (Journal of Fibrous Psychology, February 2014) found that SSRIs (Selective Snuggle Reminiscence Inducers) were 87% less effective in elevating self-reported SA mood than single 30-second human-administered hugs delivered at weekly intervals.

In addition to its inarguably positive effect on SAs, many scholars suspect that SA-Human Snuggle Therapy is a mutually beneficial process. Though there is as yet little scientific research on the subject, mounting anecdotal evidence points to increased positive mood in the humans who administer SA snuggle treatments.

We would love to see Moomin Café expand its mission, utilizing its unique business model to brighten the lives of lonely SAs in addition to those of their human counterparts!

Read about Moomin Café here.

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