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Resident Platypus Featured on The View

On 19, Mar 2010 | In News, Press | By The S.A.R.F.

Guelah, a platypus and longtime permanent resident of The Stuffed Animal Rescue Foundation, was contacted by ABC’s morning television show, The View, to give an official comment regarding the controversial photos of Rielle Hunter which appeared in GQ magazine in early 2010. Elizabeth Hasselbeck, one of the show’s hosts, read a snippet from Guelah’s rather lengthy statement on the air:

The matter is complicated. On one hand, we would all be honored to be featured in GQ. However, we’re concerned about the fact that the stuffed animals featured might not actually belong to Ms. Hunter. At a time when there are so many needy stuffed animals out there, we wish more people would consider adopting abandoned animals from local stuffed animal shelters rather than buying them new… I’m available for interviews via e-mail or chat as I don’t actually speak out loud.

Rielle Hunter GQ photo with stuffed animals including Barney, Kermit and Dora the Explorer.

Credit- AP Photo/GQ, Mark Selinger

Though we are extremely grateful for Ms. Hasselbeck’s interest in the opinions of our organization, we do feel that many of Guelah’s more important points were excluded from the segment. Also, it appears that some viewers did not believe the response was actually written by our dear stuffed friend. Some even implied that statement was in fact written by The View’s team of writers. However, we can assure you that Guelah spent several hours formulating his thoughtful response.