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The Common Core Initiative

On 03, Mar 2015 | In News, Press | By The S.A.R.F.

After months of silence on the controversial Common Core Initiative, The Stuffed Animal Rescue Foundation has issued an official statement regarding its stance on the polarizing proposal.

In a document released early Tuesday morning, the organization stated, “The SARF has thoroughly evaluated the SA Common Core Initiative and we do not endorse it, nor do we encourage our supporters or fans to do so.”

The SARF proceeded to deliver scathing attacks on individual Common Core lobbyists and on the ‘All New Materials-Industrial Complex’ as a whole:

“It is The SARF’s official position that the Common Core Initiative’s creators and its advocates are less concerned with SA and LC [Living Companion] health, and are more concerned with the health of the pocketbooks of the companies who manufacture the invariant foam linings of their own pocketbooks.”

The SARF’s announcement comes in the wake of mounting criticism from leaders of the SALC community who claim The SARF stood silently by while All New Materials-backed and filled Common Core researchers repeatedly denied SA scholars’ requests for the raw data upon which its latest findings are based. This sparked a national debate as so-called Common Core Data Truthers rallied behind the cry, “If it’s not raw, it must be cooked.”

The cause gained further traction and international visibility as the rather unwieldy hashtag #ifit’snotrawitmustbecookedandwedon’teveneatanyway trended at number two on Twitter last week despite the SALC community’s well-publicized boycott of the social media company for its refusal to address ‘fingerless usability issues’.

In a statement made to SNN, The SARF’s Head of Engineering and Alliteration further clarified The SARF’s ideological stance:

“Stuffed Animals are manufactured in myriad materials, shapes, and sizes, and they serve a plethora of purposes,” he said. “For Common Core proponents to posit that there’s a perfect product, be it porous or plasticized, or cast or compounded, that could act as a catchall, incorporating all current configurations and also predicting potential plush products of the future, is perfectly preposterous.”

This ideological pivot has been met with a mixture of enthusiasm and criticism from SALC leaders, some of whom say it’s a case of ‘too little too late’.

In November, The SARF famously defended its refusal to weigh in on the controversy, citing the majority of its members’ inability to speak as the reason for its silence.

But last week an anonymous high-level official at The SARF admitted to several media outlets that sending a delegation of stuffed crickets to the ‘Conference on The Core’ in Minneapolis sent an unintentional symbolic message of disinterest and may have been a strategic mistake.

The Common Core Initiative proposes that all new SAs be stuffed with a single, multipurpose hypoallergenic foam product of unknown origin. Proponents of the Common Core promise “supreme hugability, durability, and affordability,” along with low production costs and streamlined manufacturing processes.