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The Spill: Graduation Jitters

On 01, Mar 2014 | In News, The Spill | By Kelsea


Dear Kelsea,

My living companion and I are going off to college this fall, and I’m very nervous about living far away from our home. I will miss my stuffed and living family. Do you have any advice for me?

-College Bound


Dear College Bound,

College is a scary thing for everyone, but you are not alone… Just remember, your living companion probably feels the same way! Going to a new place means you can make new friends and see new places, as long as you are open to it. And these days, it’s easy to keep in touch with your SA friends at home. You can ask your living companion to make an email address for you if you don’t have one, so you can tell them about your new adventures.

P.S. We prefer the term ‘living companion’ instead of ‘owner’.


My advice is not intended to replace a professional stuffed animal therapist or doctor’s opinion, nor should it be used to diagnose or treat any stuffed animal disease or ailment (mental or physical). Do you have a question for me? Email me at

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