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Update: Mike the Bill

On 08, May 2013 | In News, SA Updates | By adopter

Dear SARFies,

Greetings from Mike the Bill. I’m settling in to my new home here in Atlanta, Georgia. I was adopted over Christmas by a squalling infant named Christopher.
He’s only about two months old, so he really doesn’t do much yet, but I’ve grown attached to him anyway. No, seriously: there was a glue accident…very messy.

Luckily Christopher’s father fixed us both up with very little damage to hair, skin or down. I do like the little guy, though; mainly because he’s shaped just like me.Mike2

But of course I have a life beyond the kid. There are a lot of other stuffed animals here, and none of them know much about poker! It’s great: I’m living in a house full of marks! I figure with all the money I’ll win off of them, I can have quite a (ahem) nest-egg for the big action downtown.


One more thing: Christopher’s father got me voice recognition software, so I can write more often. I’mmn mnopktr tyhjer bersdty tyopidst (That was “I’m not the best typist,”).

Know when to fold ‘em,

Mike the Bill

(pics of my next poker game to follow)