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Welcome Kelsea!

On 14, Feb 2014 | In News, The Spill | By The S.A.R.F.

The SARF would like to formally announce a new addition to our staff…

Let us all welcome Kelsea, stuffed otter and SA advice-giver extraordinaire!
Kelsea is an upbeat, curious sea otter with a love of taking selfies. She’s an explorer who aspires to one day be like Charles Darwin. She came to Austin after her home in Alaska became polluted in an oil spill. She hopes to return to Alaska one day, but for now she will continue to reside in Austin and pursue her interests in photography, biology, and the intricacies of inter-SA relationships.

With a little help from our friend Sara from GirlsGuild (typing is particularly challenging for Kelsea given her very short limbs), she will be fielding tough questions from the stuffed animal public in her column, “The Spill”. She’ll dispense inciteful advice on myriad subjects, from love and relationships to careers and SA health concerns.

If you are a stuffed animal in need of answers, you can submit your questions here:
You can follow Kelsea on Twitter: @kelseasarf